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Presale Information

Two ways to participate in pre-sale and get NooSphereum tokens

To take part in the pre-sale, you need to buy our non-native token. We created the NooSphereum token on the Waves platform, which allows you to protect your investment cryptographically. This technology makes impossible any illegal actions or uncoordinated changes of your contribution.

You can see the presale data as well as the token specifications below. There are two ways to participate in pre-sale.


decentralised cryptocurrency exchange Waves DEX

In this option, you get tokens directly to your wallet, using the infrastructure and partners of the Waves platform for payment. You can buy a token at a price offered on the exchange. The price is determined by the available sell orders, which can be issued by our project (to raise funds for development), as well as by other token owners, who purchased it earlier and decided to put it up for sale.

With this method, you can buy a minimal number of tokens and even part of it. You can also sell previously purchased tokens. Please note that due to different regulations, some countries have restrictions on the participation of their citizens.


Direct purchase via bank transfer to a legal entity

Purchase by transfer of money to the accounts of a legal entity affiliated with our project. In this option, you can also pay for the token using various payment systems, bank cards or direct transfer to the account. You buy the service of transferring the purchased number of tokens to your wallet.

As in the previous option, to receive tokens, you need to install the software (crypto wallet) on your computer or smartphone and tell us the code of the wallet for transferring the asset. As this transfer is manual and requires the participation of an operator, there is a limit of at least $100 for one transaction.

presale specifications

Start: October 1, 2020, 20:00 GMT
End: February 20, 2021, 20:00 GMT
Hard cap: $80M
Soft cap: $0M

non-native token specifications

Platform: Waves platform
Token (Asset): NooSphereum (AssetID see below)
Project protocol: Waves protocol
Exchange rate: Flexible market based
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